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Explore and Harness the Power of the Collective

Elevate Your Saving Game

RaiseMe Lounges offer innovative collective saving and investing solutions, utilizing a trust index algorithm for insight into your network's trustworthiness, reducing the risk of fraud or disappointment.

Make a Difference, One Contribution at a Time

Aid Lounge empowers you to initiate and back meaningful campaigns that matters to you, giving you the opportunity to make a difference in causes you care about.

Where Fun Meets Friendship

Explore the Social Lounge to find new companions and create enduring memories with like-minded individuals. Connect with new friends and enjoy memorable experiences within this vibrant community space.

Why Choose MyAreaa?

RaiseMe Lounges foster a collective saving culture and simplify investing with friends, promoting financial goals while nurturing genuine relationships.

The Trust Index algorithm guarantees users can trust their connections, ensuring a secure and meaningful social and financial experience.

Building a network with comfort, where genuine connections thrive and trust is the foundation. #NetworkingWithComfort #TrustworthyConnections.

Manage lounge & get instant contributions

MyAreaa is a simple app that allows you to run your communities and lounges easily.

  • Collaborate with friends to save, invest, and achieve financial goals together.
  • Make a positive impact by supporting campaigns and causes you care about.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.
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MyAreaa is a social community-based media network where you can join or create communities, collaborate on thrift contributions in RaiseMe Lounges, support causes in Aid Lounge, and socialize in the Social Lounge—all in one platform.

Sign up, browse and join existing communities, or create your own. Start engaging with like-minded individuals in your chosen communities.

MyAreaa offers RaiseMe Lounges for collaborative saving, Aid Lounge for crowdfunding, and the Social Lounge for relaxed socializing, making it a diverse and engaging platform for all your community needs.
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